The name Dolor Amoris has a story of its own:

Around the middle of 2017, I fell into a kind of love with latin; the language seemed so foreign yet so exciting, I began independently searching and reading up on it in hopes to understand it. I couldn’t; besides the lack of an actual teacher, I had barely any time on my hands. However, I decided I didn't want to leave this behind in my life. After intensive debate, I came to  ‘Dolor Amoris’, Latin for 'the pain of love'. 

Here 'love' doesn't mean love in the literal sense, I am referring as love as a synonym for passion. I have through my life fallen in love with many things which have helped both my mind and imagination grow. From photography and painting to poetry and writing to philosophy and psychology, I have many loves. However, I don't fall in love easily, if that was what you were going to say, quite the contrary; I need to relate to the core of the subject. I need to understand the one thing keeping it together and find if it keeps me too. Through my loves, I have found myself and transformed into an independent, sensitive person that I am proud of today