Lighting Design- Home


This lighting design was crafted for a dramatic performance of the poem Home by Warsan Shire. Home is a poem that highlights the injustices faced by immigrants, tackling the stereotypes they are placed in and exploring the emotions they are plagued with. It is a poem that has garnered internal acclaim, and struck a chord with the director.

While in conversation with her, it came forward that she intended to follow the theatrical philosophy of Antonin Artaud, or The Theatre of Cruelty, it popularly known. This was an extremely important revelation because this particular kind of theatre involves extremely specific kind of lighting. Theatre of Cruelty uses lighting as a tool of sensory disruption, the bright lights stun the audience's sensibilities and completely immerse them in the theatrical experience.

I decided to use Red (LD 787) and Yellow, or more specifically, Amber-Gold (LD089). It is important to note that during the time of this performance, our auditorium was being renovated, therefore the room in which this was performed was limited in space and choice of lights. This also factored into the choice of lights used.

Untitled_Artwork 7.jpg

Above, you can see how I positioned the lights. I decided for this purpose, I will manipulate the the lights by increasing and decreasing the intensity. Moreover, I decided I wanted to position the lights differently. Out of the three lights available, I made two of them Red and the remaining one Amber-Gold.

Two Red lights were placed to reflect on the flats places behind her. This would increase the blinding effect and emphasise her state of mind. The amber-gold light was placed to directly shine on . her because we were . having initial problems of visibility, as you can see in the picture below.


As seen in the stills below, as the play progressed, I changed the intensities of the two lights with respect to the scene that she is talking about. In one scenario, she talks about her rape, there the red is at its highest intensity, but at the start, it is more amber-gold.