It all started with a bang…


•   Witches wear masks, they were distorted yet fit perfectly with the image of the witches.

•   Plain clothing: khaki and white cloth

•   Some characters have red and black on their clothes: Duncan wears red, and later, so does Macbeth. Lady Macbeth does also. I think it was associated with royalty or a higher status.

•   Armor= Khaki

•   Tribal costumes, quite far from the 'grandness' of Scottish royalty, yet the costumes didn't take away from the effect.


•   White faces with blue eyeshadow stretched till above the eyebrows, fake eyebrows painted on the forehead.

•   Red lipstick, in some places very dark, like with lady Macbeth.

•   Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have blood on their face after the murder and it remains there from the murder till the end of the play.


•   Macbeth’s hands were white then became red

•   Same with Lady Macbeth


•   Very physical acting, emphasis on expressions and voice

•   Getting hints of Berkoff and Grotowski


•   Mobile

•   White created depth

•   Some use of shadow theatre


•   Shakespearean English translated to Hindi

•   The language added some humor, but in places the effect was lost.

Ended differently:

•   It ended with Macduff thinking about the witches and not with everyone celebrating.

•   This was different and well received.



Talking with the Director:

•   Set should not only be decorative

•   Never starts his rehearsals without knowing his set

•   How will he tell them to move?

•   Keep reading the play until you get the result

•   Lines have to come, they cannot be ab barrier

•   Bring to a level where lines just flow

•   He was very particular about the scene "what has been done cannot be undone”: their hands were not touching

•   Tribal people = physical violence


Things I learnt:

•   I loved the idea of a mobile set. I want it to incorporate this into my plays.

•   I loved the small details: hands turning from red to white, the tribal costumes

•   The acting was phenomenal and I loved the physicality of it. I helped carrying the more dramatic scenes without it turning over dramatic.