I fall in love quite easily. I fall in love quite hard. And when I do fall in love, boy do I make it count. After all, Dolor Amoris does mean ‘the pain of love’.

Alone in a dark room with a single beam of light falling on my subject. The harsh ray of light exposing all the imperfections she wears on her skin. That is what I captured. That is what my mind let me capture. The beauty rooted in reality. My photography helped me understand to look towards to light and appreciate all it shows, and sometimes leaving the mysteries in the darkness will help you move on. I thought me how to fall in love with the subject, for if the artist loves the muse, then the piece will be romantic. Through photography I also learnt the art of patience; the perfect shot comes after hours, and for that picture, I need complete calmness. 

Alone in the moment. Nothing but the immortal words flowing from the end of my tips. It is my job to capture this feeling, so that other can relate. So that others can understand. Through poetry I have discovered how to think differently; I want to fill my feelings on the paper, and I want others to, even if it is momentarily, think, feel something towards the words I write, and sometimes, when the words can’t leave my lips, at least I don’t have the regret of it being left unsaid. Through writing, I have discovered expression; for the longest time, I have felt incapable of writing correctly. I went through my English classes barely passing, but after I arrived in my 9th year, I discovered the impact of writing after reading the tales of Woolf and Marquez. I began writing poetry, transitioned into short stories and even attempted to write a novel, but the main thing is I discovered a part of me which I would have been incomplete without, the part where I can flaunter my dark and dramatic personality to everyone. 

It went from a dark, murky mess to an explosion of rainbow. It went from paper to the screen. It went from people to words. As I grew, my art transformed. As my passions changed, I saw my art change too. I found it growing and prospering but most importantly reflecting my growth. Because hidden deep inside the crevices of the paintings, there is a part of me. My art reflects me, and finding reflection helps me identify all that is wrong.