you will cry against the tyrant winds
your howl will be heard for miles
because when you unite with your other half
every colour will celebrate the skies
and they will call your name above
to warn those that hindered you
that nothing can stop your love.
it will vanquish the seas of death
and together you will take your last breath
because the only thing that stopped you
wasn't anyone but you, and only you.

only you can look at a problem and shy away
or look at love as a dangerous feeling
and if you were to just see the truth
but behind lies you are concealing
how easy it is to finally unite
all you need is one single act
and with out the gruesome fight
together you will stay, for as long as you wish
because at the end of the day
you will have never have lost
if you fought or what you want
no matter what the cost
because only those that succeed
care only about what they connect with
they pour a part of their soul in
and reap the benefits
wheather it is love, money or power
you should never cower