What is truth?
Is it the opposite of a lie
or a fact you can't deny
or maybe a simple word
that explains all absurd
or maybe it's a way of learning,
it teaches us the reality of human
nature; of the exploits and plundering of
innocence and purity; or perhaps it creates
a contrast of a kind; between the good and bad,
between the right and wrong; can truth be define in
simple words, because what is true for me may not
be for you; they tell me to be true, but it has a meaning so vague
so why does that little voice ring like the warning bells, why do
my hands tremble when my mind does not? This world
wants to be true, but what is it? If I am conflicted in
revealing my hidden self, do I be true to myself
or true to the world. Is truth being frank
or being kind, being graceful or being
honest. This world places so much
importance on a quality even the
greatest minds cannot fathom
then why are people outcasted
for being true to themselves?
This paradox of humanity
this excuse of insanity;
This false image of true
which we must wash anew
And question this word, not as
a noun but an emotion that has
different meanings and lessons
but don't be under impressions
of the old, because you must find
what truth is to you, in your mind
but for me, the truth is a
state of existing for yourself.