I think that love doesn't exist
not in this world
its a utopian tale in a dystopian world
something not impossible but unachievable

It contradicts the very essence of humanity's rules
Because 'love' can never be defined or described
It can never be restricted to one person or one kind
because love in its heart is three things

the first is trust
something that can be both
a glass of water, filled at first sight
but with every strain, it gets lesser and lesser
until its completely gone
and unfortunately, nothing can fill it again;
it can also be like a wall
every brick, a secret or story
until the barrier is tall and wide, unpenetrable from the surface
but can be broken from inside

the second is faith
in the person's strengths and passions
in their actions and thoughts
but not the same as trust
this is vulnerability
a place where you simply know the person
from every inch of their bare body
to every scar of their caged soul
a cage to which only you have the key
and the knife

the third is acceptance
when they understand your dreams
your thoughts, your past, your future
they know why you did it before you do
they know why you wanted to before you do
they know what you need before you need it
and at the end of the day
they just know
and they make your life so much better
by just existing

so never in the feelings we call love do we actually feel love
because it is not an emotion
not a phase or story
it's just a person, no matter what body they lie in
who completely understands you
every wound in your damaged trust
every smile hiding your broken hopes
every look concealing your thoughts
they can read you better than any book
they can make you stronger

and that one person will never come again
so don't in your naive lies
think that you can find someone
because only one can make you smile
when the world is against you

and if you chose
to follow the road of rules and laws
I promise you
that in the very best moment of your life
you will be completely alone
and no one including you
will understand why