the overrated feeling we call love

love has been the most frequent word
upon the lips of the most famous poets
it has fueled the most lyrical of poems
and led to the most gruesome of crimes

and even though I write about it
to me, it seems the most alien of concepts
the idea that a single person knows you like no other
the fact that they hold your happiness on the palm of their hand
the grisly reality that they can break you in an irreparable way

to me, when someone walks in my life
I either close all doors, locking them in
or build walls, locking me out

as, to me the pain of walking away
when I have even my all
will hurt so much more
than any bullet wound or glass shard

and the tales of endurance, courage and trust
have been left behind with older traditions
for love is now found in swipes
lost among money
and is justified by its greatest enemy:
the mind.