what we did

The dust settled on the palm of the earth hand
beginning a form of life
nurtured by the exceptional nature itself
a forest grew, greater than sun had ever seen
it conquered the land until it was no more
until it reached the seas
there they fought a gruesome battle, at every
shore there was always a loser
however, it didn't stop them
bravely they fought in the thunder and lightning
cruely one conquered the other
but there were always two competitors

until the forests began to fall
and the seas could breathe no more, and the sun looked down upon
a new competition 

this competition was hindered by age,
disease and death
but the two quivered in fear
when the human weld his axe
they began to conquer bit by bit
taking all they could see
until the traces of the mighty fights
were hidden

The sun shined worse than before
wanting back its previous friends
but the humans shined every time
showing no end
in their destructive power

and they forever changed the glorious past
into what is now a wretched future
and all the sun does is wait for
the wrath of God's mighty nature