Script- Duet Acting


This script was written for a competition conducted in my school. Our school is divided into four houses which compete with one another, and they are, Vasundhara (Red), Sagar (Blue), Shrishti (Green) and Himgiri (Yellow). We frequently compete with each other, in events ranging in music, dance and drama. There are two drama events which serve to be the most important, senior ad acting and senior duet acting. The first is a light event filled with comedy while the second is more tense and is where serious actors explore their range. One of my friends, who was acting in the competition, called me to help them with the script.

We came first.

There were 3 main features of the script which essentially differed from the others at the competition:


the approach

If you look conventionally at dramatic pieces, they are usually slow paced, and emphasise one actor over the other. With a strict time limit and a strict topic, we decided that we wanted our play to be quick paced. Therefore, we turned to David Ives.

David Ives is a theatre practitioner who I was acquainted with when we were introduced to him in class. He is best known for his comic one-act pays, the plays I took inspiration from.


The bell

During the rehearsals, I remembered a play we had read in class, by David Ives, called Sure Thing. It involved a man and a woman having a conversation with the intent for them to get together, and every time something occurred which set them apart, a bell would ding.

Taking inspiration for this, I decided to incorporate a bell, but instead of the characters not acknowledging it, I decided that they should, at the end, respond to the bell.


the comedy

As mentioned before, duet acting is a rather intense affair, and often ends up being monotonous and too dramatic. I understood that it must delve into the deeper parts of the human psyche, but I also wanted it to be fresh, as we were . going last, for a tired audience. So, unlike the other, we took a risk with comedy.