I wish you never know what it felt like to grow up in a world where what you relate to, what you are, is used as a slur.
Welcome to India, where people in the rural cities will beat you senseless for being gay.

Welcome to India, where people in the urban cities will degrade you for being gay.

If you are unfortunately trapped within the bounds of the poorer side of the wealth gap, you will see that the traditional values are where the conversation starts and ends. Here is where we, as a country, are undeveloped. In the villages, you will be killed for loving a man of a different religion. Imagine if you loved a woman. In the slums you will be sold to a slightly wealthier man all at the cost of a few more meals for your family. Then you have no choice. In the decent homes of the middle class, you will be forced to keep your mouth shut. The image is most important.

But in the upper middle class, where there is enough food, enough money and enough appearances, the bias created slowly kills from inside. I, a well educated student at a good private school didn’t know that it was okay to love another gender until I was fifteen. Forget being afraid of acceptance, I didn’t know that it was normal. It hard to want to be called something that your parents, your friends and everyone around you uses as a slur.

I am strong, but I am not a fool. I am who I am.

And that should change nothing.