She waited. The night had somehow grown darker; an inky blackness seemed to engulf all it could see, and she was blinded.  Her eyes were blinded by the intensity of the black of the night; not one star shone, yet she could hear everything. Every sound, even the smallest whistle, ignited hope within her; every whisper of boots on the stone path made her heart race; every roar of a car made her eyes search fruitlessly in the dark. Yet it was never him. It was always some other man running home late, or a woman with not so noble intentions. But even the smallest of noises enkindled such passion within her, so much trust and hope that, even under the blanket of darkness, it shone like the brightest star; it was like a huge neon billboard, signalling her presence, her faith, her love. Somehow she kept that ever-growing bubble of doubt and insecurity within her, even though it ate at her trust in him, but she kept telling herself how much she trusted him; that he was her silver star, that he could never, and would never betray her. 

But she stood there, in the inky black darkness, waiting for her light. Her mind was immersed in her thoughts, yet somehow her body held tensed. It was as if she was completely in sync: both her body and feelings, heart and mind, all waited, patiently, for her lover. She could feel her heart thud as if it were an animal trapped in a cage with meat outside; as if it were a prisoner who could see the key as if it were as simple as opening the door like he was just there. But it was early. There was still time. Then something hit her, with such force it jerked away all her thoughts of love and trust. There was another blow to her head. She looked up and was hit once again with a mighty blow. And again. Again. She stood there in pure agony as she got soaked. The rain burned her skin, and she stood there, trembling in the storm, looking at the dark sky, wondering how she let that happen. 
Then suddenly came an unexpected sound. Loud. Thunderous. Sharp. It cut her into two clean halves. It was repeated. And a third time. And then it stopped. There was silence. Just silence. No noise. No sound.

She screamed her heart out. Spurred into a frenzy of lost love and lost hope she screeched in her pain of losing her love. She cried with her voice so full of misery that even the gods above stopped to see what had happened. In the spur of her despair, she went back into her car and raced out of there. Away from her broken promises and a broken heart; as the car accelerated she felt her pain wear off; she felt her anger fade; all she focused on was flying. And god did she fly. The car raced wind itself; she raced all the feeling of sadness and despair, all the memories of him. Him. She loathed even the thought of him. He ruined something he couldn't even comprehend. They had it all. Together. How could he just give it away? How could he just break her after all she had done for him? Why? Why did he destroy their perfect future together?

There was a deafening sound. Metal crashing into metal. It was almost piercing. She felt numb. Her body seared with pain but she didn't feel it for it was overpowered by her searing heart. She didn't have any energy to fight anymore. No more running or hiding or saving. She was done. She was completely done. She didn't even try to get up, even when she felt her life slip away, she didn't try. Her silence was soon substituted by deafening sirens. She saw red. Then blue.
Then white.